• Franchisees Need a Private Right of Action

    The FTC doesn’t enforce the Franchise Rule itself. And the FTC has resisted allowing for private enforcement of the Franchise Rule. According to the then president of the American Franchisee […]

  • The SBA isn’t Enforcing Rules that Would Prevent Franchise Fraud

    Believe it or not, the Small Business Administration’s Standard Operating Procedures already have rules in place that would prevent much of the mass franchise fraud that is harming taxpayers. But […]

  • 7-11 Franchisees Take the Publicity Lead

    On September 27th, Franchise Times published an article entitled, “7-11 Owners Air Cold, Hard Facts Against Corporate.” The decision to air grievances publicly is a rare one in the franchising […]

  • Forced Arbitration Clauses Mean Franchisors Win

    The American Association of Justice just released a report about the extreme harms of forced arbitration. The report is dated this month: September 2019. Many franchise agreements have clauses that […]

  • Franchise Fraud is Bureaucratic Corruption

    Franchise fraud is bureaucratic corruption. In their 2017 book Corruption: What Everyone Needs to Know, Ray Fisman and Miram A. Golden write: In any setting, there can be the occasional […]

  • Franchise Fraud in the News

    Why don’t we hear about franchise fraud in the news? In 2017, when I first began interacting with leaders in the franchise-fraud resistance movement (that’s my name for it), someone […]

  • Franchise Fraud: The Problem is Corruption

    Corruption is at the heart of the endemic franchise fraud in the United States. The most effective solution against corruption I know is using leaks of documents that prove the […]

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