• Franchisees Need a Private Right of Action

    The FTC doesn’t enforce the Franchise Rule itself. And the FTC has resisted allowing for private enforcement of the Franchise Rule. According to the then president of the American Franchisee […]

  • Franchise Self-Regulation Doesn’t Work

    Self-Regulation won’t work in the franchise industry until power is equally balanced between franchiSEES and franchiSORS. Right now, franchise agreements are weighted excessively in franchiSORS’ favor giving franchiSORS too much […]

  • Franchising and Fear: The Laloux Culture Model

    Franchising and fear: Most franchises are red organizations. What do I mean by red? I mean that FranchiSORS use fear to control their franchiSEES. FRANCHISING AND FEAR: Learn more about […]

  • Franchise Grade Numbers Reveal Industry Crisis

    Net growth numbers provided by Franchise Grade indicate that the franchise industry is in crisis. According to Franchise Grade, between 2010 and 2018, franchiSEES invested $459.6 billion dollars in franchising. […]

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