Franchising and Racketeering: One Woman’s Story of the “Legitimate” Industry’s Illegitimacy

FRANCHISING AND RACKETEERING: ONE WOMAN’S STORY OF A “LEGITIMATE” INDUSTRY’S ILLEGITIMACY is the true story of the author’s brief foray into franchising. Anne signed a franchise agreement after spending over a year carefully exploring the industry. Within weeks, she realized she’d been defrauded and witnessed the franchisor committing a major unrelated crime.

Walk with Anne on her harrowing adventure of investigation and discovery. Learn how franchisors use contract law to defraud and then absorb the personal assets of vulnerable United States citizens, hard-working immigrants and even veterans, sending their victims into bankruptcy after bankruptcy. Discover the complicity of the United States Small Business Administration and Federal Trade Commission. Consider corruption and the worldwide effects of special interests lobbying to own the United States Congress.

Anne never opened a franchise location or even a business bank account! She immediately refused to be complicit to her franchisor’s crimes. She reported everything to her attorney general’s office and the Federal Trade Commission and survived three-and-a-half years of aggressive litigation. She lost everything to the racket but made friends out of several other bankrupted franchisees who, like Anne, had figured out the role governmental corruption played.

No one should consider signing a franchise agreement without first reading this story. And everyone who cares about people, small business, and truly legitimate economic expansion will be interested to learn the ins and outs of “legitimate” franchise racketeering.

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