How to Safely Leak Franchise Fraud Evidence

In order to combat franchise fraud, franchiSEES must have a safe way to leak their evidence. They must have a way to share documents that can’t be subpoenaed.

In this post, I give franchiSEES instructions as to exactly HOW to safely leak their evidence.

I may be bold enough to speak honestly online about what is happening in the industry, but if you are a franchiSEE with evidence in your hands, sending it to me could be a disaster for you.

If you’re an aware franchiSEE, you know the legal threat that hangs over your shoulders because you signed a dangerous contract.

If you’re not an aware franchiSEE or are an outsider with no knowledge of the way the system exploits hard-working United States citizens, veterans and legal immigrants, be aware that franchiSORS tend to be litigious. They tend to have money to spend on attorneys. FranchiSOR brand names make money and franchiSORS tend to be protective of those brand names. They do not like it when their franchiSEES do anything that might hurt those brand names and they use the courts to keep their franchiSEES quietly in line.

And, of course, franchiSORS use lobbying and the political system to ensure their method of having access to risk free investment money

FranchiSEES must protect themselves from franchiSOR litigation at all times.

In order for the fraud to end, the fraud must be exposed. Evidentiary documents must be leaked. In 2019, Congress has delegated too much of their work to the alphabet soup of United States’ administrative agencies. The FTC (one “alphabet-soup” organization) is responsible for managing franchise fraud, but the FTC isn’t taking care of it.

FranchiSEES have the documents. They are the victims and they hold the evidence of the fraud. Yet the franchiSEES can’t share that evidence because they’re pretty dang sure that if they do, their franchiSORS will sue them and use that dangerous franchise agreement they signed to take everything the franchiSEES own.

No wonder why the general public is clueless about how big of a problem this is.

The solution is providing a way for franchiSEES to leak evidence without worry that their franchiSOR might use the civil justice system to subpoena information that would inform the franchiSOR which franchiSEE was the source of the leak.

And that can only happen when the organization that receives the leak DOES NOT KNOW where the leak came from.

Yup. This is possible. An investigative reporter can receive leaks without also receiving any information about who sent the leak. FranchiSEES can use this system, too. FranchiSEES may not be able to rely on the major newspapers because the major newspapers are beholden to the advertising dollars provided by the franchiSORS, but they can use a safe leak system.

And when franchiSEES use a safe leak system, they greatly reduce their chances of personal harm. A safe leak system means that no matter how much money franchiSORS spend on attorneys and subpoenas, the investigative reporter who receives the leak doesn’t have any information about the source of the leak.

If the person who received the leak doesn’t know where it came from, the person who received the leak can’t tell anyone where they got it.

So the way for franchiSEES to protect themselves and still share the evidence the American people and citizens of the world deserve to know, is to leak the evidence with complete anonymity.

The Internet makes this possible. It’s pretty easy, actually. Traditional media outlets have been using this technique for a while now. The thing is, traditional media depends on franchiSOR advertising dollars, so the big newspapers won’t be the first to cover the fraud. Small, independent, media outlets will have to break the fraud story and to put pressure on the larger outlets to follow.

Here’s how it works:

First, to securely leak evidence with complete anonymity, you must leak it without leaving any trace of your Internet Service Provider. If you upload documents from a regular browser, your franchiSOR could subpoena your ISP address from the recipient of the leak. To protect yourself from an expensive retaliatory lawsuit, you must upload from a browser that prevents the investigative reporter from knowing you are the source of the leak.

So….. you must begin by downloading a Tor Browser. It’s not difficult. It’s easy… but it is different.

Then, once your anonymity is protected using the Tor Browser, you can upload your evidence without any fear of the document being traced back to you.

Here’s the catch… if you ever want to communicate with the investigative reporter again, you’ll need to provide AND remember a secure passcode. The reporter won’t have any idea who you are. If your document gets leaked and publicized, others might falsely try to take credit for your leak. The investigative reporter won’t know who to believe and might simply ignore you if you write back with more corresponding information or evidence.

You can solve that problem by creating a pass phrase you use every time you communicate with the reporter. Simply provide it when you share your evidence. Then, provide it again when you share evidence again. That pass phrase will be the most information about your identity that your franchiSOR will ever be able to subpoena from the investigative reporter.

Before I became interested in franchise fraud, I was a Mormon. Yup. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s true. My Mormon background is one of the reasons I was able to figure out systemic franchise fraud so quickly. I had already lived one lifetime in a fraudulent organization that used all sorts of psychological tricks and social pressures to maintain compliance. After I signed a franchise agreement, I was in repeat land. It was the same old human stuff.

Well… as the story goes, I’m not the only Mormon who figured out that Mormonism was a load of squash. Lots and lots of other Mormons figured it out with me. That’s what the Internet will do to fraudulent organizations that thrive on fear, silence and compliance.

The good news is that some of my ex-Mormon friends already know how to handle dangerous and confidential leaks. Some of the leaks my friends have handled have already put powerful predators behind bars and hit The New York Times.

We know what we’re doing and we already have attorneys in line to help. We’ve walked this road before. We’re not afraid… and we’re not funded by the franchiSORS’ advertising dollars like the major traditional media outlets. In fact, we’ve seen so much harm that comes from ridiculous fraud in our lifetimes that we can’t be bought.

Getting away from Mormonism made us strong.

My friends’ organization, called the Truth and Transparency Foundation, can help franchiSEES by using the 501(c)3 nonprofit they already have up and running as well as their tested confidential leak system to begin collecting franchiSEE evidence. They originally used this system to combat fraud and sexual abuse in Mormonism. They expanded to other religions and now they’re expanding out of religion altogether.

They’re called the Truth and Transparency Foundation because Truth and Transparency is what they’re committed to. The franchiSORS want to keep the endemic fraud hidden. Only shining the light of day on this darkness will clean up the problem. My friends’ Truth and Transparency Foundation already has the whole leak system ready to go.

Follow the instructions and share your leak here.

Learn more about the Truth and Transparency Foundation and their success stories here.

Listen to a New York Times Daily Podcast about a leak originally shared by the Truth and Transparency Foundation here and read a Times article about the story here.

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