1. Don’t Buy a Franchise

2. Why the FDD isn’t Worth Much

3. Reform and the Brilliance of Franchising

4. Franchisees are Silent Because They’re Afraid

5. The Industry Targets Vulnerable Hard-Working People who Believe in the American Dream

6. SBA Loans and the Senate Bill

7. Using the IRS ROBS (Rollover Business Startup) Program to Defraud People out of their Retirement

8. The IFA is Already Lobbying Against the Senate Bill. Whose Side are They On? How do They Make their Money?

9. Franchise Consulting and Franchise Fees

10. Franchises that Sell Franchises

11. Examples of FDD Fraud Problems

12. Franchisee Satisfaction Awards are Deceptive Advertisements

13. Everything Changes After you sign that Dangerous Contract

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